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    Professional Tooth Extraction Services at Lifeberries Dental Clinic

    Having severe toothache can interfere with your daily life making it almost impossible for you to enjoy your routine activities normally. 

    Although most of the time your dentist will try to preserve the natural structure of the damaged tooth, when the condition becomes unbearable, tooth extraction becomes a necessity to avoid and eliminate future problems. 

    Examples of such situations include:

    • Pulp Infections
    • Orthodontic Treatments
    • Extensive Gum Disease
    • Crowded Teeth
    • Extreme Tooth Decay
    • Cavities
    • Dental Injuries

    These dental problems not only cause extreme toothache but also interfere with processes such as biting, speaking and chewing. 

    Thus, it is crucial to get rid of an infected, broken or impacted tooth as soon as possible to prevent the advancement of the infection into a serious dental issue.

    More On The Procedure

    Lifeberries Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive range of tooth extraction services to relieve the pain that comes with problematic teeth.

    We understand that tooth infection, whether in the form of cavities, as a result of severe gum disease or because of other accidents, can be a really painful phenomenon.

    Henceforth, our expert dentists use high-end technology along with modern anaesthesia and various other sedation options to make tooth extraction a safe and painless procedure. We also offer counselling services to eliminate your dental anxiety prior to the treatment.

    Why Choose Lifeberries Dental Clinic ?

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    Still, wondering whether you can actually put your faith in us to get a tooth extraction treatment? Here are some facts that prove our authenticity:

    • 15+ years experience
    • 24+ specialists
    • 10,000+ happy patients

    Manisha Patil, the wife of one of our previous patients, was highly impressed by the professionalism, friendly behaviour and helpful nature of our staff. Her positive feedback is proof of our authenticity.

    Imagine how the world would look if there was only one size of clothing available for everyone. Wouldn’t fit well right?

    Similarly, using the same approach to treat every patient is not enough to produce the desired outcomes efficiently.

    Therefore, we strongly believe in tailoring all treatment plans according to the individual needs of every patient.

    Have Queries? No Worries!

    Our personalized treatment approach involves:

    • An initial discussion to listen to your concerns and gather information about your preferences and expectations regarding the treatment.
    • A comprehensive examination of your oral health.

    Once we understand your requirements thoroughly we initiate the treatment with the help of cutting-edge technology and tools like:

    • Local anaesthesia to numb the site of operation 
    • Digital X-rays to detect complications
    • Intraoral cameras for enhanced visibility of the infected tooth
    • Digital imaging

    The advanced technology assists in minimizing pain levels and maximizing comfort throughout the process. Additionally, by offering a better view of the affected area they aid in better detection of the problem as well. 

    Here is what you can expect from the procedure:

    • Initial examination
    • Administration of local anaesthesia
    • Isolation of the infected tooth
    • Loosening the tooth
    • Pulling out the tooth (extraction)
    • Cleaning the operated site
    • placement of stitches (if required)
    • Post-extraction care instructions

    So, if you are looking for cost-effective yet high-quality tooth extraction services, you can fill out a contact form or directly book your appointment at Lifeberries Dental Clinic today.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, the application of local anaesthesia makes tooth extraction a quick and painless procedure.

    It takes approximately 48 to 72 hours to completely recover from a tooth extraction.

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