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    Understanding Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal therapy is a crucial dental intervention for teeth that have suffered considerable damage or infection. The term “root canal” specifically refers to the inner cavity called the pulp, situated at the core of a tooth.

    Inside this pulp are nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The necessity for root canal treatment arises when this pulp becomes inflamed or infected, typically stemming from decay, trauma, or other dental concerns.

    At Lifeberries Dental Clinic, our adept professionals excel in diagnosing and performing this procedure with outstanding precision while prioritizing the comfort of our patients.

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    When To Opt For A Root Canal Procedure

    Individuals with the following symptoms should promptly consult their dentist, as these signs may indicate the need for a root canal.

    • Intense tooth pain is often indicative of inflammation within the tooth pulp.
    • Infection may result in swelling near the affected tooth, leading to swollen gums.
    • Discomfort when consuming hot or cold substances could suggest a potential problem with the tooth pulp.
    • Alterations in tooth color may signify damage to the pulp.
    • The emergence of a pimple-like bump on the gums might be indicative of an abscess or infection.

    Root Canal Treatment Procedure

    The Root Canal Treatment process involves the following basic steps: 

    Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: First, the dentist conducts an oral examination based on the patient’s symptoms. Then, the X-rays are examined to understand the extent of tooth damage and to strategize the course of treatment.

    Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is given to ensure a pain-free experience by numbing the affected tooth and its surroundings. 

    Opening: A small hole is drilled into the tooth, allowing the dentist to reach the pulp location. 

    Removal of Infected Pulp: The infected or damaged pulp from the tooth’s root canal is extracted and removed using special tools. 

    Filling the Canals: The cleaned canals are filled and sealed to prevent further infection using biocompatible material. 

    Closure: The access point is sealed using either a temporary or permanent filling.

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    Why Choose Lifeberries Dental Clinic in Lohegaon For Root Canal Treatment?

    Seasoned Professionals: Our team of skilled dentists at Lifeberries Dental Clinic collectively possesses over 15 years of experience, ensuring top-notch care and expertise.

    Expert Practitioner: Heading our clinic is Dr. Surbhi Bhatia L, a distinguished endodontist based in Pune. Awarded the Times of India Icons of Health Award, her significant contributions to dentistry guarantee you’re in capable hands.

    Cutting-Edge Technological Integration: Lifeberries Dental Clinic adopts state-of-the-art dental technology, improving precision and reducing treatment time to enhance the overall comfort of our patients.

    Patient Satisfaction: With a track record of over 10,000 satisfied patients who have undergone various successful treatments and procedures at Lifeberries Dental Clinic, we prioritize ensuring our patients’ contentment.

    Accessible Excellence: Committed to delivering outstanding services at reasonable rates, Lifeberries Dental Clinic strives to make high-quality treatment accessible to all.

    What Is Post-Root Canal Treatment Care?

    Medication: Post root canal treatment, antibiotics or pain relievers will be prescribed to reduce the discomfort and prevent infection.

    Oral Hygiene: Oral health should be maintained on a routine basis by regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings by a dentist.  

    Follow-up Appointments: Diligently attend follow-up appointments scheduled by the doctor to monitor the recovery progress.

    Your Dental Health Matters. Let's Talk!

    Root Canal Treatment Cost in Lohegaon

    In Lohegaon, the cost of root canal treatments can vary based on the parameters mentioned below: 

    • The complexity associated with the location of the tooth that needs a root canal. Treatment of molar teeth is more complex.
    • The severity of the damage in the tooth. 
    • The proficiency and skill of the dentist conducting the treatment. 
    • The use of advanced dental apparatus and technology. 
    • The dental clinic’s location

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    Our friendly team of specialists is here to address your concerns and guide you toward optimal oral health. Contact Lifeberries Dental Clinic in Lohegaon today to schedule your root canal consultation.

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