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    Why Lifeberries Dental Clinic is the Best Dental Clinic in Viman Nagar?

    Lifeberries Dental Clinic is considered to be the best dental clinic in Viman Nagar for the following reasons:

    • Skilled dentists: We have some of the most experienced and skilled dentists in Pune to provide you with the best dental treatment possible.
    • Experienced staff: Our dental assistants are well-trained and experienced to handle even the most complex dental procedures with ease. This helps in making your dental treatment experience smooth and comfortable.
    • Use of the best quality dental materials: We use the best dental materials available in the market to provide you with successful dental treatment outcomes and minimal chances of developing side effects.
    • Strict sterilization protocols: We have trained our staff to use proper sterilization protocols and hygiene to prevent any risk of cross-contamination or infection.
    • Use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology: We believe in keeping our clinic updated with the latest dental technology and equipment to provide you with a quick and pain-free dental treatment experience. Some of the latest equipment and technology we use include the following:

    Digital X-Rays

    Digital dental X-rays use digital X-ray sensors to create clearer images of the teeth compared to traditional dental X-rays which need an X-ray film to produce an image. Digital X-rays make it easier to monitor, diagnose, detect, and treat oral conditions and diseases.

    Laser Dentistry

    Laser dentistry involves the use of lasers to treat various dental conditions, like the treatment of tooth decay, gum diseases, hypersensitivity of teeth, and teeth whitening procedures.

    3D Imaging and Impressions

    This technology involves the use of three-dimensional intraoral scanning to capture a 3D impression or digital replica of the teeth that can be used to make orthodontic appliances or dental prosthetics.


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    Your Treatment Journey At Lifeberries Dental Clinic

    At Lifeberries Dental Clinic, we believe in monitoring your dental treatment at each step ensuring a smooth and comfortable treatment experience.

    Our skilled dentists will first perform an oral examination and let you know about your various treatment options during your initial consultation visit at our clinic. You will be provided with a personalized treatment plan based on your oral health condition and chief complaint. We also encourage any queries from your end during the initial consultation visit itself and try to solve all your queries and concerns before starting with the treatment. The dentist may prescribe certain medications, if needed, during the consultation visit.

    The experienced dentists and well-trained staff at our clinic will make your treatment experience painless and comfortable at all steps. We will also ensure that your recovery after treatment is monitored during subsequent follow-up appointments.

    We recommend having regular half-yearly dental visits to check your oral health and hygiene, along with recovery after treatment, and any new dental treatment that may be needed.

    Cost of Dental Services in Viman Nagar

    The cost of dental treatment at Lifeberries Dental Clinic in Viman Nagar is different for different types of treatment being performed. The cost of dental services will also vary depending on several other factors, which may include the following:

    • Type of dental treatment: The cost of dental services varies depending on the type of dental treatment being performed. The more extensive the dental treatment, the more will be the cost. For example, the cost of a root canal treatment will be more than the cost of a dental filling and the cost of a dental implant will be more than the cost of a denture or dental bridge. On average, the cost of the common dental services in Viman Nagar is as follows:
    • The condition of the tooth being treated: A tooth that is severely damaged or decayed will have higher treatment charges than a less damaged tooth. 
    • Position of the tooth: The cost of treating an anterior or front tooth is generally less than the cost of treating a posterior or back tooth.
    • Dental clinic’s location: A dental clinic in a good locality will have higher dental treatment charges than a dental clinic in an average locality.
    • Experience of the dentist: The treatment charges will be higher for an experienced dentist compared to an inexperienced dentist.
    • Consultation charges: Your initial consultation and checkup charges will be added to your total cost of dental treatment.
    • Cost of dental material and equipment used: The cost of the dental equipment and material used will be added to the total cost of dental treatment.

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    It is important to consider a few factors while choosing the best dental clinic in Viman Nagar. These factors are:

    • Skilled dentist: It is important to choose a dental clinic with an experienced and skilled dentist to provide you with a painless treatment experience.
    • Clinic with the latest equipment: Choose a dental clinic that has the latest dental equipment to provide you with a quick and comfortable treatment experience.
    • Positive patient reviews: A dental clinic having good patient reviews and testimonials is more likely to provide you with satisfactory treatment results.
    • Your experience at the consultation appointment: You are more likely to be comfortable during your dental treatment if you have a good experience during your initial consultation and checkup appointment.

    Lifeberries Dental Clinic fulfills all the above criteria and is thus regarded as the best dental clinic in Viman Nagar.

    It is recommended to undergo dental cleaning and polishing once every six months to avoid any gum diseases like gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). It also helps in preventing bleeding gums and bad breath due to plaque accumulation. If not done periodically, the plaque accumulation may lead to a condition known as periodontitis, which may eventually lead to tooth loss.

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