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Ceramic braces are aesthetic orthodontic tools used for straightening the teeth and improving the bite of a person. Lifeberries Health+ offers you painless ceramic braces for your perfect smile.

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    Do You Need Ceramic Braces?

    Ceramic braces are a type of dental braces used to realign, straighten, and adjust the teeth and improve the bite of an individual. 

    Ceramic braces are also known as clear braces or tooth-colored braces as they involve the use of tooth-colored or clear brackets made of polycrystalline alumina, making them less noticeable compared to conventional metal braces.

    Orthodontic braces work by the application of constant pressure over a long period to move the teeth slowly in a direction determined by the orthodontist. They help in the correction of the following conditions:

    • Overcrowding of teeth
    • Misshapen teeth
    • Overbites
    • Underbites
    • Crossbites
    • Gaps between teeth

    The following people may opt for ceramic braces:

    • When all the adult teeth have come in and one has stopped growing. This helps in quick correction and lesser chances of the brackets breaking because of tooth movement strain.
    • For individuals who want to undergo discreet orthodontics and are looking for aesthetic braces that are not very noticeable.
    • For college students or working professionals who do not want unnecessary attention due to metal braces.

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    Different Components of Ceramic Braces

    Transparent braces or ceramic braces consist of the following different parts:

    • Brackets: They are square-shaped structures that are fixed to each tooth surface. The ceramic bracket systems are white or tooth-colored.
    • Archwires: They connect each bracket and apply pressure to the teeth to straighten them. They could be silver, white, or frosted to blend in with the light-colored brackets.
    • Elastic bands: They fit around the brackets and help hold the archwires in their place, as well as adjust the position of the teeth and the jawbone. These elastic bands are available in different colors for the patient to choose from.

    Ceramic Braces Treatment Procedure

    An individual looking to undergo tooth alignment treatment using clear ceramic braces will first need to have a consultation with an orthodontist, who will examine the teeth of the person and prepare a proper treatment plan.

    The orthodontist may put spacers between the back teeth of the patient if the teeth are too close to one another to create a space so that the rubber bands can fit around the back teeth. These spacers are left between the teeth for approximately one week.

    The spacers, if applied, are removed in the next appointment and the procedure of braces is started, which involves the following steps:

    • A retractor is used to keep the mouth of the patient open during the application of braces.
    • A solution is applied to the teeth and later rinsed off.
    • A special type of dental glue or cement is used to fix the brackets onto each tooth surface and a blue light is used to set the glue or cement.
    •  An archwire is then threaded through each bracket. Depending on the type of orthodontic braces a person is getting, there are different ways by which the archwire stays in place. In the case of self-ligating braces, a clip inside the bracket helps in holding the wire properly. In the case of traditional braces, rubber bands around each bracket help the wire to stay in place.
    • If elastic bands are needed, they will be attached to each bracket.
    • The wires are then trimmed to prevent any injury to the gums or cheeks.
    • The orthodontist will provide instructions on how to look after the braces and may also recommend certain painkillers to relieve any soreness after braces placement.
    • In the case of self-ligating braces, the appliance tends to tighten and adjust itself over time. For other types of braces, the orthodontist will make the necessary adjustments in the follow-up appointments.
    • The patient needs to have follow-up appointments with the orthodontist, usually once every month, to make the necessary adjustments to the braces till the treatment is completed.

    The duration of ceramic braces treatment varies depending on the complexity of the case. Most patients take anywhere between one to three years to get their teeth in proper alignment using ceramic braces. The orthodontist will provide the patient with removable retainers that need to be worn for six to twelve months after the completion of braces treatment to prevent a relapse.

    Advantages of Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces, like any other form of dental treatment, have their set of advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic braces benefits over other types of braces are as follows:

    • Less visible and more aesthetic than conventional metal braces
    • Move teeth faster than clear aligners
    • Do not interfere with medical imaging tests like MRI scans due to their low metal content
    • Can be used in people having metal allergies

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    Disadvantages of Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces have the following disadvantages:

    • More costly than traditional metal braces
    • Less durable compared to metal braces and almost two times more likely to break
    • More chances of staining with white or clear elastic bands
    • Move teeth slowly compared to metal braces

    Tips for Ceramic Braces Care

    A few tips can help in taking care of ceramic braces better and prevent breakage, staining, or prolonged treatment time. A few helpful tips to care for ceramic braces after their placement are:

    • Avoid eating difficult-to-clean food items like gum, popcorn, whole apples, corn on the cob, and sticky food items
    • Avoid food and drinks that may cause staining, like berries, red wine, beetroot, tomato sauce, etc.
    • Use a non-whitening toothpaste, so the teeth area behind the braces is not of a different colour after removal
    • Brush your teeth twice daily
    • Floss your teeth every day and use a floss threader to clean the difficult-to-reach regions
    • Avoid smoking or use of tobacco products
    • Use a mouthguard while playing sports to decrease the risk of damage to the teeth and braces

    Ceramic Braces Cost in Viman Nagar

    The cost of ceramic braces varies depending on several factors. The factors that impact the cost of ceramic braces in Viman Nagar are:

    • Complexity of the case: The cost of ceramic braces will be higher in cases of teeth that are severely malaligned or complex cases of malocclusion.
    • Location of the dental clinic: A dental clinic situated in a posh locality will charge you more for ceramic braces treatment.
    • Experience of the orthodontist: An experienced and skilled orthodontist will usually have higher treatment charges.
    • Cost of additional treatments needed before or after ceramic braces treatment: Some patients may need additional treatments like dental fillings, extractions, scaling and polishing, etc. before starting with ceramic braces treatment. Retainers are provided to the patient after the completion of treatment. The cost of these additional procedures will be added to the total cost of ceramic braces treatment.
    • Lab charges: Some attachments or orthodontic appliances may be needed by the patient to bring about teeth movements while undergoing ceramic braces treatment. These appliances are usually custom-fabricated in a dental laboratory. The lab cost will be added to the total cost of treatment.
    • Dental clinic charges: If your orthodontist is visiting the clinic of another dentist to provide treatment, the cost of ceramic braces treatment will also include the cost of the clinic charges.

    How to Select the Best Clinic for Ceramic Braces?

    Choosing the best dental clinic for undergoing ceramic braces treatment can help in achieving the desired results quickly. The following tips can help in choosing the best dental clinic for undergoing ceramic braces treatment:

    • Experienced orthodontist: Choose a dental clinic having a skilled orthodontist to provide you with quality braces treatment.
    • Hygienic and well-equipped dental clinic: You should ensure that your chosen dental clinic is clean and hygienic, and also equipped with the latest dental materials and equipment.
    • Good patient experiences: You can check the patient testimonials and reviews online to know if the chosen dental clinic has good patient satisfaction rates.
    • Experience during consultation visit: A consultation visit with the chosen orthodontist can help in checking your comfort level with the dentist and the dental clinic before starting the treatment.

    Why Choose Lifeberries Health+ for Ceramic Braces?

    Lifeberries Health+ dental clinic offers a painless and comfortable ceramic braces treatment. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Lifeberries Health+ for your treatment:

    • Skilled orthodontist: We have an experienced and skilled orthodontist with us to provide you with the best treatment results.
    • Trained dental staff: We have a well-trained staff to make the procedure comfortable for all our patients, whether it is children, adolescents, or adult ceramic braces treatment.
    • High rate of success: We have a high success rate for patients undergoing ceramic braces treatment under our expert care and guidance.
    • Use of the best dental products: Our patients are treated using the best dental materials available.
    • Use of the latest dental technology: We believe in upgrading ourselves constantly to provide our patients with dental treatments using the latest dental technology and equipment.

    Ceramic braces can help in improving the bite and appearance of a person significantly. To undergo a comfortable and painless ceramic braces treatment procedure, book your appointment with Lifeberries Health+ today!

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