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    What Is Teeth Whitening?

    Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching or dental bleaching, is a type of cosmetic dental procedure done to make the color of the teeth whiter without removing any natural tooth structure.

    The procedure is usually performed in cases of people concerned about their teeth’s yellow appearance and feel conscious while smiling. Teeth whitening is an elective procedure performed for cosmetic purposes and not for any dental health benefit.

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    Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

    Teeth whitening treatment can be done in several different ways. The different types of teeth whitening treatments are:

    • Professional teeth whitening
    • Home teeth whitening kits
    • Laser teeth whitening
    • Over-the-counter products for teeth whitening

    Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening Treatment?

    A teeth whitening procedure is recommended for patients having yellow teeth due to reasons like genetics, aging, use of certain medicines like tetracycline, and lifestyle habits like smoking, and excessive consumption of soda, tea, or coffee.

    You are considered to be a good candidate for teeth whitening treatment if:

    • You do not have fillings, crowns, bridges, or dental implants
    • You do not have tooth decay
    • Your gums are healthy
    • You do not have sensitive teeth
    • You are not allergic to bleaching agents
    • You are not pregnant
    • You do not smoke
    • You have realistic expectations from the procedure

    Preparing Before Teeth Whitening Treatment

    The following are the preparation steps before undergoing teeth whitening treatment:

    • Schedule a dental checkup and professional cleaning before the treatment.
    • Avoid using any over-the-counter products for your teeth.
    • Start using toothpaste for teeth sensitivity at least a couple of days before the treatment.
    • Discuss the potential benefits and risks of the procedure with your dentist.
    • Discuss the precautions you need to take after the procedure and ways that can help increase the duration of your treatment outcomes.
    • Have realistic expectations from the procedure and discuss what are the best possible results that can be achieved for your teeth.

    Procedure for Teeth Whitening

    The procedure for professional teeth whitening is done as follows:

    • Your current teeth shade will be checked by the dentist before starting the treatment.
    • The patient needs to brush his or her teeth and the dentist then polishes the teeth using pumice to remove any dental plaque that may be present.
    • The dentist will now use gauze and retractors to keep the mouth the teeth dry and the cheeks, lips, and tongue away from the bleaching agent.
    • A barrier will be placed by the dentist along the gumline to prevent the bleaching agent from touching the gums.
    • The front teeth surface will now be coated with a bleaching agent usually containing approximately 15% to 43% peroxide (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide).
    • Certain whitening products could require a curing light or laser to activate the peroxide.
    • The bleaching solution will generally be left on the teeth for about 30 to 60 minutes or could require repeated applications, depending on the brand being used.
    • Once the recommended time of application is over and the desired shade of teeth is achieved, the patient is asked to rinse.
    • The procedure is usually completed in 60 to 90 minutes.

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    Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

    The benefits of professional teeth whitening done at a dentist’s clinic are:

    • Long-lasting results
    • Predictable treatment outcomes
    • Improved appearance
    • Increase in self-confidence

    Risks of Teeth Whitening Treatment

    Teeth whitening can be associated with certain risks, like:

    • Teeth sensitivity
    • Accidental application of bleaching agent to the gums, leading to gum irritation
    • Technicolor teeth, in which the dental crowns or veneers retain their original color whereas the surrounding teeth turn whiter after teeth whitening treatment

    Teeth Whitening Cost in Lohegaon

    The cost of teeth whitening in Lohegaon varies depending on several factors. On average, the professional teeth whitening cost varies between INR 3950 to INR 16450. The various factors that determine the cost are:

    • Type of teeth whitening procedure done
    • Number of teeth whitening sessions required
    • The extent of stains and discoloration present on the natural teeth
    • Type and brand of teeth bleaching product used
    • Skills and expertise of the dentist
    • Dental clinic’s location and reputation

    Why Choose Lifeberries Health+ Dental Clinic for Teeth Whitening in Lohegaon?

    If you are looking for teeth whitening in Lohegaon, you should get in touch with our skilled dentists at Lifeberries Health+ Dental Clinic in Lohegaon to give you the best teeth whitening results. The following things give us an edge over other dental clinics in the vicinity:

    • Experienced dentists
    • Use of the best-quality teeth bleaching products
    • Equipped with the latest dental technology
    • Personalized treatment approach
    • Hygienic clinic with strict sterilization protocols
    • Well-trained dental staff
    • High rate of patient satisfaction
    • Long-term treatment results

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    After achieving your desired shade of whiteness, you will need touch-ups to maintain the teeth whitening treatment results. 

    Some patients may need top-ups once every six months, while other patients who smoke or consume food items with staining agents may need top-ups more often.

    Earlier, dentists advised against teeth whitening treatment in case of sensitive teeth. However, new and improved dental products have enabled patients with sensitive teeth to also undergo the procedure.

    Make sure you tell your dentist about your teeth sensitivity problem before undergoing teeth whitening. This enables the dentist to use a product suitable for your teeth or use a different treatment approach for you.

    A person who has healthy teeth and gums, does not smoke, has no tooth-colored fillings or crowns, does not have extremely sensitive teeth, is not allergic to bleaching agents, is not pregnant, and has realistic expectations from the procedure is considered to be a good candidate for undergoing a teeth whitening procedure.

    You can keep your teeth bright following a teeth whitening procedure by using the following simple tips for oral care:

    • Brush and floss regularly
    • Limit the consumption of teeth-staining food and drinks, like coffee, tea, wine, berries, carbonated drinks, soy sauce, etc.
    • Use touch-up kits provided by your dentist
    • Visit your dentist regularly
    • Avoid acidic food and drinks like citrus fruits, vinegar, and soda to prevent enamel erosion and increased risk of teeth staining

    You can use a home teeth whitening kit can be used in the following way:

    • Brush your teeth using a sensitivity toothpaste
    • Place a drop of the teeth whitening gel into each compartment of the tray for teeth undergoing teeth whitening treatment
    • Insert the tray into the mouth
    • If any solution seeps out of the tray, wipe it off using a cloth, tissue, or dry soft brush
    • Wear the tray for the suggested time duration
    • Remove the tray and rinse your mouth using lukewarm water
    • Wipe and clean the tray using cold water
    • Store the remaining gel in a refrigerator for future use

    A person who takes good care of his or her oral hygiene and avoids the consumption of staining food items can expect the results of teeth whitening to last for 6 to 12 months before needing top-ups for teeth whitening results.

    It is normal for the teeth to start regaining their original yellow color over time after a teeth whitening treatment. The process is however slow and gradual and can be delayed by avoiding teeth-staining food items, quitting smoking, maintaining good oral hygiene, and going for regular touch-ups to the dentist.

    Although there is no evidence to suggest that teeth whitening is harmful during pregnancy, it is recommended to postpone the procedure after childbirth to avoid any unwanted risks or side effects.


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