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    Do You Need a Smile Makeover?

    A smile makeover is a procedure involving one or more cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to improve the smile of a person. 

    Smile reconstruction helps in improving the appearance of a person, which includes the appearance of the teeth, gums, and overall oral aesthetics. A smile makeover is customized according to a person’s concerns, dental health, and goals.

    A smile makeover may be recommended for different types of dental problems, like:

    • Crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth
    • Missing teeth
    • Spaces between teeth
    • Discolored or stained teeth
    • Chipped or worn-out teeth
    • Uneven gum line
    • Existing dental problems
    • Inconsistent size or shape of teeth
    • Aged or tired appearance

    What are the Different Procedures Done in a Smile Makeover?

    A smile makeover procedure may involve a combination of one or many dental procedures depending on the needs and goals of the patient. The commonly performed dental procedures performed for a smile makeover include:

    • Teeth whitening: This dental procedure involves the removal of discoloration and stains from the teeth to improve the brightness and appearance of the teeth.
    • Dental veneers: They are thin shells of ceramic or composite material placed on the front surface of the teeth to improve their appearance.
    • Dental crowns: They are used to cover the decayed or damaged teeth and restore their strength and appearance.
    • Dental bonding: This dental procedure involves the application of a tooth-colored resin material to the tooth surface to correct the cracks, gaps, or chips.
    • Dental implants: They are artificial tooth roots that are placed by the dentist in the jawbone to support a replacement tooth.
    • Gum contouring: This type of dental procedure involves reshaping the gums to improve their appearance and provide a more symmetrical smile.
    • Dental braces: Orthodontics is a dentistry branch that involves the use of braces to correct the position of the misaligned teeth or straighten the crooked teeth.
    • Full mouth rehabilitation: This procedure involves the use of a combination of dental treatments to correct complex dental issues like damaged teeth, bite problems, jaw disorders, and missing teeth.

    The type of dental procedure you require will be determined after a thorough evaluation and consultation with the dental specialists.

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    Smile Makeover Procedure

    Smile enhancement and designing involve multiple steps. The different steps for performing a smile makeover procedure are:

    • Consultation: Schedule a consultation appointment with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your concerns and goals. The dentist will examine your teeth and gums, take dental X-rays or scans, and discuss the different treatment options available.
    • Treatment plan: The dentist will make a customized dental treatment plan based on the patient’s needs and oral health. The treatment plan will include the recommended procedures, the treatment timeline, and the approximate cost of treatment.
    • Preparation of teeth: Based on the type of treatments needed, the dentist will prepare the teeth of the patient by removing some part of the teeth enamel or reshaping them to receive the dental restoration or prosthesis.
    • Dental prosthesis or restorations: The dentist will use dental restorations like crowns, veneers, or implants to enhance or restore the appearance of the patient’s teeth.
    • Teeth bleaching: Teeth bleaching or whitening can then be performed to whiten or brighten the stained or discolored teeth.
    • Dental braces: Braces or clear aligners may be provided to correct problems with the alignment or spacing of teeth.
    • Follow-up dental care: After the completion of the smile makeover procedure, the patient needs to go for regular follow-up and check-up appointments with the dentist to check the long-term results of the procedure and manage any problems at an early stage.

    Benefits of a Smile Makeover

    A smile makeover has several benefits and this is one of the reasons that dental cosmetics has become hugely popular of late. The various advantages of a smile makeover are:

    • Improved appearance
    • Increase in self-confidence
    • Customized treatment plan
    • Treatment of dental problems
    • A holistic approach to treating several dental issues

    Precautions after a Smile Makeover

    There are a few precautions that one needs to take after the completion of a smile makeover treatment. These precautions include the following:

    • Dental veneers may need replacement if they get chipped off or break. It is advisable to avoid eating hard food items after having veneers.
    • Crowns usually need replacement after ten to fifteen years.
    • Composite fillings or bondings that get stained or fractured will need a replacement.
    • Dental implants are loaded with a dental crown after three to four months of their placement in their jawbone, once the process of osseointegration (fusion of the dental implant with the jawbone) is completed.
    • A patient who is undergoing orthodontic treatment needs to be cooperative and regular to complete the treatment successfully.
    • Consult your dentist in case of any complications or if you have any doubts during the course of treatment.

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    Smile Makeover Cost in Viman Nagar

    The cost of a smile makeover will vary among different patients depending on their oral health condition and the type of procedures needed for a smile makeover. The different factors that affect the cost of a smile makeover are:

    • Type and number of dental procedures needed: The cost of a smile makeover will vary depending on the type of dental treatment required. The cost will also vary depending on the number of dental procedures required. The more the number of dental procedures needed, the more will be the overall cost of treatment. 
    • Duration of treatment: The more the duration of dental treatment, the more will be the cost for a smile makeover.
    • Number of teeth requiring dental treatment: The cost of treating multiple teeth to get a perfect smile will be higher.
    • Experience of the dentist: The consultation and treatment charges of an experienced dentist will be more than an inexperienced dentist.
    • Geographic location: The cost of a smile makeover will also vary depending on the location of the dental clinic. A clinic located in a posh locality will have higher treatment charges.

    How to Select the Best Clinic for Smile Makeover?

    The choice of the right dental clinic for your smile transformation can help in achieving the desired results with minimal risk of any complications.

    The different factors that need to be considered while choosing the best dental clinic for a smile makeover are:

    • Skills of the dentist: Choose a clinic with an experienced and skilled dentist who has handled successful smile makeover cases earlier.
    • Good patient feedback: While making a choice, check the patient testimonials and reviews online. Positive patient feedback generally indicates that you are likely to have a good dental makeover.
    • Before and after photographs: Check the before and after photographs of patients who have undergone cosmetic dentistry or smile makeover procedures at the same clinic before to check the treatment results. These photographs are usually available online on the clinic’s website or displayed in the reception area of the clinic. 
    • Dental consultation experience: You can check your comfort level with the dentist and dental team during the consultation appointment.
    • Use of modern technology: The dental clinic should be equipped with the latest dental technology to ensure good results.

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    Why Choose Lifeberries Health+ for Smile Makeover?

    Lifeberries Health+ is considered to be the best dental clinic in Viman Nagar and you should undergo a smile makeover here for the following reasons:

    • Experienced dentists: We have experienced dentists who have done several successful smile makeovers in the past.
    • Well-trained dental staff: Our staff is trained well to provide you with a comfortable and painless treatment experience.
    • Good cleanliness: Our clinic is extremely clean and hygienic. Additionally, we take utmost care of cleaning and sterilizing all our dental instruments and equipment properly before using them on a new patient.
    • Good quality of materials used: We use dental materials of the best quality to improve our treatment results and minimize any chances of infection.
    • World-class technology: We use the latest world-class dental technology for a quick and painless dental experience.
    • Customized treatment plan: A customized dental plan is provided to all our patients based on their oral health condition and chief complaint.

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