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    Professional Kids Tooth Filling Services at Lifeberries Dental Clinic

    Tooth decay is a common problem faced by most kids worldwide. Teeth fillings or dental fillings are materials made up of metal, plastics, etc. to restore or repair lost tooth structure.

    Tooth fillings are most commonly recommended to fill the area of the tooth that the dentist has removed due to decay. They are also used to repair broken, cracked, or worn-out teeth.

    Lifeberries Dental Clinic in Viman Nagar, Pune is considered to be the best choice for teeth-filling procedures for your child for the following reasons:

    Addresses Problems and Pain Points

    Tooth decay that is not filled in its initial stage may worsen over time and result in tooth pain, sensitivity, swelling, problems in eating, and even tooth loss. 

    It is important to identify and fill tooth decay early before the decay worsens and the tooth needs root canal treatment or even extraction. Teeth fillings avoid more time-consuming, painful, and expensive dental treatments in the future.

    Best Dental Services 

    We offer different types of dental fillings which include composite, glass-ionomer, gold, porcelain, and silver amalgam. 

    You can choose the type of dental filling your child will undergo depending on the condition of your child’s tooth, the recommendation of the dentist, and your personal preference based on aesthetics and budget.

    Patient Reviews and Success Stories

    All our patients have the best things to say about the quality of dental treatment we offer. Our patient testimonials will assure you that your child is in the right hands at Lifeberries Dental Clinic.

    One of our patient’s wife, Mrs. Manisha Patil quotes “Recently, my husband received tooth treatment at this clinic, and I must say it’s the best we’ve ever experienced. The doctors were highly professional, helpful, and the staff was incredibly polite.” Another patient, Ms. Sheetal Jadhav recommends our treatment services to one and all and quotes “I highly recommend their services!”

    Personalized Treatment Approach

    Your child’s oral health condition will be evaluated thoroughly by our experienced dentists and necessary dental X-rays will be taken to prepare a customized treatment plan for your child.

    The personalized dental treatment plan will be based on the condition of the child’s teeth, the oral health of the child, and the eruption status of the permanent teeth in the child’s mouth.

    Cutting-Edge Equipment and Technology Used 

    We use the latest dental tools and equipment, such as intraoral cameras, digital X-rays and impressions, and the use of dental lasers. These tools help in the early and accurate detection of teeth with decay that need a dental filling and also help in providing the child with a quick and painless dental filling experience.

    At our Viman Nagar dental clinic, Lifeberries Dental Clinic prioritizes your child’s oral health. When it comes to kids’ tooth filling, choose us for a painless and comfortable dental experience. Schedule your child’s dental check-up today and kickstart their journey to a healthy smile. Book an appointment now!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, milk teeth having tooth decay need removal of the decay by the dentist and the lost tooth structure needs to be replaced by a tooth filling. This is necessary to prevent the decay from becoming deep and causing symptoms like pain and swelling, which may require extensive dental treatments later on. Fillings also allow the proper development of the underlying permanent teeth in children.

    Dental cavities in children can be prevented by following a proper brushing and flossing routine, visiting the dentist once every six months for a dental checkup and cleaning, and limiting the consumption of sugary and junk food by your child.

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