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    Dental Bridges In Kharadi

    Lifeberries Healthcare is a modern dental clinic in Kharadi that has specialized in providing expert dental services for over 15 years. We are also spread across various other locations in Mumbai, with dental technological innovations and dedicated dental professionals aimed at restoring your oral health. 

    Founded and led by Dr. Surbhi Bhatia L, one of the best endodontists in Pune, we provide premium dental services, including Dental Bridges in Kharadi, at affordable costs. We are a one-stop solution for you and your family’s dental problems. 

    With the help of the latest infrastructure, we provide the best dental bridge treatment in Kharadi, rebuilding your smiles! 

    Dental Bridges in Kharadi

    What Is A Dental Bridge?

    Dental Bridges are a great solution for replacing and bridging the gaps due to missing teeth. They are a more comfortable alternative to dentures and dental implants. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth attached to the teeth on either side of the gap by crowns. These crowns act as anchors, helping the dental bridge to set in place.

    Dental bridges are usually made from porcelain, alloys, metals such as gold, or a combination of these. They are suitable for candidates with missing teeth, provided the remaining teeth are in good condition to support the dental bridges. High-quality dental bridges can last over 15 years, but it depends on how well you practice oral hygiene.

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    Types of Dental Bridges

    Lifeberries Dental Clinic offers three main types of Dental Bridges in Kharadi. Choosing the most suitable bridge depends on your oral health conditions, such as gum and tooth health, and the severity and location of the tooth loss.

    Traditional Dental Bridges:

    They are the most common form of tooth replacement. In this dental bridge, dental crowns are made for the two sides of the missing tooth, and pontic or false teeth in between to fill the gap. The crown is bonded to your natural teeth at either side of the gap. Traditional dental bridges are commonly used when you have strong and healthy natural teeth for the crown.

    Cantilever Dental Bridges:

    These bridges are used when adjacent teeth are present only on one side of the missing teeth. Here, the crown is placed on only one end of the missing teeth. This type of bridge is less common. It is more suitable for areas not under much stress, such as the front teeth, as there is only one side of support for the crown of the bridge.

    Maryland Bonded Bridges:

    This type of dental bridge is similar to traditional bridges as they utilize two teeth for support. It is also known as a resin-bonded bridge and is usually used to replace front teeth. It is made of plastic and gums, and a metal framework is used instead of a crown to secure the bridge.

    Benefits of Dental Bridges

    Getting a dental bridge is important as it helps fill the gap created by a missing tooth, enhancing both function and appearance. Below are some key benefits of opting for dental bridges:

    • Provides an effective, natural-looking solution to tooth loss
    • Maintains the shape of your face and prevents it from facial or bite collapse
    • Reduces pressure on the remaining teeth
    • Helps stimulate the jaw bone, thus restoring bone density
    • Restores your smile and confidence
    • Allows normal chewing and eating
    • Easy to clean, just like natural teeth by brushing

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    The Procedure Of Dental Bridges

    • First, an initial consultation with your dentist will be conducted to evaluate your oral health. Local anesthesia will be administered to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedures.
    • The existing adjacent tooth will be reshaped, and enamel will be filed to fit the crown size.
    • Teeth impressions will be taken to design a customized bridge.
    • The customized dental bridges take 2-4 weeks to make. Until then, a temporary bridge will be used.
    • Once the final dental bridge is ready, the temporary bridge is removed.
      The new bridge is cemented onto the gap after the existing teeth for the crown are reshaped and adjusted.

    Why Choose Lifeberries Health+ For Dental Bridges in Kharadi?

    Lifeberries Dental Clinic delivers the best dental care experiences for our patients. We are considered one of the best dental clinic in Kharadi for dental bridge procedures for several reasons: 

    • Our clinic is staffed with experienced dental professionals proficient in cutting-edge dental treatments. Our prosthodontist specializes in complex crown and bridge cases and provides the best dental bridges treatment in Kharadi.
    • We use state-of-the-art technology and the latest tools and techniques to provide effective dental bridge treatments. Our dental bridges fit and look aesthetically natural.
    • We offer top-notch dental bridges at cost-effective options. 
    • Our services are patient-oriented, and we create personalized treatment plans based on the unique requirements of our patients. 
    • Our clinic is easily accessible, and commutations are convenient for patients. 

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    Cost Of Dental Bridges In Kharadi

    Many factors affect the price of dental bridges. The average cost of dental bridges at Kharadi is around INR 4,500 to INR 9,850. The rate of dental bridges also depends on the following: 

    • The number of teeth being replaced.
    • The complexity of the case.
    • The expertise of the dental surgeon. 
    • The type of dental bridge selected. 
    • The materials used for the bridge. Porcelain bridges tend to be more expensive. 
    • The location of the clinic- clinics with advanced technology charge more. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, there is a chance that you can develop cavities or gum problems due to plaque and food trapped underneath the teeth with the crown. You should practice good oral hygiene, like brushing at least twice daily, to overcome this. Also, an ill-fitting bridge can result in gum inflammation. Make sure to visit your dentist to address such issues.
    Typically, a dental bridge replaces one to four missing teeth. The more teeth are missing, the more crowns are required to support the bridge, which causes instability. Dental bridges are not considered a suitable option for full arch replacement.
    With a proper oral care routine, our dental bridges can last for more than 15 years. Also, have frequent dental check-ups to ensure oral hygiene.
    Most dental bridges are fixed or cemented and can be removed only by a dentist. Fixed dental bridges are more stable and durable. However, removable bridges are also available.

    Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Some people prefer to avoid filling the gap and leave it as such, but this may result in loss of facial shape if it continues for a long time. Others opt for dental implants or dentures.


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